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  • 枫下家园 / 钱财税务 / 惊天大发现!关于过期信用卡号码 惊天大发现!关于过期信用卡号码 +3

    I pay my X credit card bill through my Y bank. The payee information, i.e. the X credit card number, was added many years ago. Every month when I make the payment, I simply select the payee, enter the amount, that's it.

    Just had a look at the payee management page of Y bank, and realized that the credit card number was the old one. There was a time when X changed my credit card number. However, the old number was still associated with me and still effective for payment. The payment has been working fine!

    Just for your information.

    • 旧的卡号没给别人,还是你的呗
    • 跟我家的信用卡情况一样,信用卡发了新卡,但在网上付账单的时候老公还是用以前设定的旧卡号,我发现了跟他说,他说已经这样很久了,他懒得改,没问题的。 +2
      • 有的信用卡旧卡和新卡有overlap 一段时间,之后,只能用新卡 +1
        • 新卡已经用了很久快要过期了,今年夏天又要换新卡了 +1
    • 向来如此,我早发现了,👍 +2
    • 前几天误用取消2个月多月的信用卡在阿里快线上买了一件十几元的物品,居然收货了,不知道他们后续如何处理